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What drives us to work tirelessly to renew traditional agricultural techniques with intelligent, reliable and efficient technology is to bring technology to empower farmers/land managers with leading edge drones.

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    We'll help you find the best solution for your needs with in-depth sales support.

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    From customer support to replacement parts - our service team has your back.

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    We train our customers and provide our experience to keep you in the air.

  • Efficient and smart solutions

    Agrodrone provides powerful equipment for agricultural professionals and smart solutions that save time and improve workflows for a wide range of customers, from individual farmers to cooperatives.

    Our Products

    Cutting-edge technology and innovative workflows make farming more efficient than ever.

    First Class

    AGRAS T40

    As the biggest and most technologically advanced sprayer and spreader drone in the U.S., this “two-drones-in-one” model offers an unsur­passed built-in mapping ability, affording users image capture, image processing, and stitching via the T40 drone and remote.

    Second Training

    AGRAS T30

    With a 7.9-gallon (30 liter) spray tank, this industry-leading drone can spray up to 30 acres per hour at 2 gallons per acre (GPA)..

    Third Class

    AGRAS T10

    Weighing less than 55 lbs., the T10 is the lightest sprayer drone on the market. This feature, coupled with the T10’s quick swap 2.64-gallon liquid tank and battery, make it the ideal sprayer drone for small test plots and spot application.

    Fourth Training

    MAVIC 3M

    Mavic 3M enables ground-following aerial inspection of orchards, even on sloping terrain. Efficient aerial surveying needs to see the unseen. That's why the Mavic 3 Multispectral has two ways of seeing, an RGB camera with a multispectral camera to clearly scan and analyze crop growth.

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